“What I love about Rock Springs is the people are genuine, supportive and we do our best to share God’s love with people in practical and fun ways. And Jim’s teaching has opened my eyes to the depth of God’s grace and a much deeper relationship with God than I ever thought possible.”    –Kelly C
“Rock Springs Church is filled with imperfect people who are just trying to live and love like Jesus. Our church motto says it all, ‘God loves you. He’s not mad. Please come home.'” –Brenda M
“Rock Springs Church has been my church home for over 10 years. The people are wonderful – supportive in all. We laugh, we cry and we love each other. Just like Jesus did! Who could ask for more!”    –Gayle H
“My husband and I are both very much introverted and wanted to find a church where we wouldn’t be able to just disappear into the crowd. We immediately felt at home at Rock Springs because of the intimate feel and friendly atmosphere. Over the last 4 years we have truly been supported and loved on by our church family. Our son E, has a chronic medical condition and we are not able to attend church as often as we would like, but our church family is ever present. Whether it’s Jim and Debbie at our side during the 10 surgeries E has undergone, our prayer warriors vigilantly praying for us, or people bringing food to help us through when he is really sick. We always feel loved and supported by our church family and are happy to call Rock Springs home!”   –Mandy A
“For years, I refused to attend church.  I thought I could read my Bible and maintain a relationship with God on my own, without dealing with all the types of people I had seen that attend church.  A friend invited me to a Rock Springs Church small group, which I attended for a year and a half before actually going to church.  The day I heard Pastor Jim preach for the first time, I knew there was something different about this church, about the presentation of the Gospel, about the close knit church family…I knew I had found a church HOME.  My relationship with God has grown so much stronger by being a part of this family, learning more about Jesus, worshiping God with other believers, and serving God through Children’s Ministry and every other way I can.  I am changed. I’ve journeyed through past pains and come out healed of past hurts.  My perception and outlook have begun changing from earthly to spiritual.  If you’ve ever thought something was just missing in your understanding of the word, give Rock Springs a few weeks…I think you’ll see the difference too.”    –Tanya S