Rock Springs Church of Smyrna, TN By-laws

Revised 2016

Article 1: Mission

The mission of Rock Springs Church is to “make disciples of the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” Matthew 28:18-20

Article 2: Membership

Membership is granted conditionally to believers who have been baptized with water, who are faithful in attendance, who support the church with their tithes and offerings, who support the leadership wholeheartedly, who are active in serving others, and who are disciples who make disciples.

Article 3: Church Council

The church will be governed by a Church Council made up of men and women who are members of the church. For all practical purposes the Church Council has final say in any and all matters concerning the overall direction of the Church. Since the mission of the church is to make disciples, every Church Council member shall be engaged in making disciples in order to remain on the council. It is expected that Church Council members will give at least a tithe of their income to the church, will be faithful in attendance to major church functions, will display a servant’s heart and will be Spirit-led. The Council will consist of the Senior Pastor (who holds a permanent position on the Council), and at least five non-staff church members, who enlist the help of as many church members as are needed to carry out the mission of the church. With the exception of the Senior Pastor’s Council position, membership on the Council is not permanent. Other staff members are eligible to serve on the Council, but their membership is not required. Council members can be dismissed by a 3/4 majority vote of the Council membership. Council members can step down at any time. Church members may nominate candidates for the Church Council. Qualifications for Church Council membership are detailed in the RSC Policy & Procedures Manual; applicants/nominees will be screened against those criteria by the Church Council prior to presenting nominees for confirmation by church members.

Article 4: Church Discipline

As a church, we believe that all members and regular attenders should conduct themselves as outlined in God’s word. In the event that a church member or regular attender should behave in a way that is divisive or detrimental to the well-being of the church, the Church Council will render disciplinary action as outlined in the most recent Disciplinary Guidelines in the RSC Policy and Procedure Manual.

Article 5: Voting Rights of Church Members

All church votes shall be by a simple majority of the members present for the vote. There will be no proxy voting. Every member shall have the right to vote on the following matters: The annual budget; the confirmation of church officers; the confirmation of Church Council members; any changes in denominational affiliation; the disposition of substantially all of the assets of the church; the merger or dissolution of the church; the acquisition or disposition of real estate; any expenditure or indebtedness in excess of one-twelfth of the annual operating budget; amendments to the Articles of Incorporation or By-laws of the church; and the calling of a Senior Pastor.

Article 6: Meeting of Church Members

Business meetings shall be held at the times the Church Council deems necessary. Every effort will be made to announce the meeting using two different means of communication. Scheduled business meetings will be announced at least two weeks prior to the meeting date.

Article 7: Senior Pastor and Staff

When the Senior Pastor’s position is vacated the Church Council will begin a search for the next Senior Pastor in a manner that best suits the situation of the church. The same method will be used to replace any supporting staff.

Article 8: Church Officers (Directors of the Corporation)

The Church Council will appoint as necessary the directors of the corporation called Rock Springs Church, Smyrna, Tennessee. The officers of the Corporation are hereby designated as the Directors of the Church and thereby Directors of the Corporation as the term is defined and used in the Nonprofit Corporation Code. It shall be the duty of the officers to act as legal representatives of the Church and to take such actions and to execute any documents necessary to accomplish the purpose of any matter authorized by the members which concern any real or personal property of the Church. Any changes in Directorship will be recorded in dated meeting minutes and attached to this document.

Article 9: Records and Reports

The church will maintain adequate records and reports to carry out the mission of the Church.

Article 10: Finance Team

The Church Council will appoint a three person finance team to oversee the receiving and spending of financial gifts. The Finance Team will recommend for approval by the Church Council salaries, bonuses and other compensation for the Pastor and Staff and any other employees. The Finance Team will also recommend to the Church Council an annual budget for approval, prior to the budget being voted upon by the church body as outlined in Article 5. Staff members may be called upon by the Finance Team to attend meetings and provide input, but no staff member shall have voting rights on Finance Team matters.

Article 11: Amending the Constitution and the By-laws

For any amendments or revisions of the Constitution or the By-laws to occur the Church Council will first appoint a Study Group to present a written recommendation to the Church Council. If the Church Council approves the suggestions from the Study Group (by a ¾ majority vote of the Church Council) it will be presented to the Church Membership for a vote. A simple majority vote of the members present will be enough to approve the changes.

Article 12: Policy Manual

The Church Council shall maintain a policy manual (RSC Policy & Procedures Manual) that addresses day to day matters regarding the life and work of the church, core beliefs, and staff /membership responsibilities.